Orders & Commissions

The works seen on this site are mostly bas-relief, three-dimensional, one-sided pieces, designed to hang on a wall. The pieces are measured by total length not fork length, as you would a fish from the water.

They are very versatile and can be displayed in a variety of locations in your home ,office or on your boat. When hanging the art, it is best viewed at or above eye level which allows you to see the full spectrum of colors each piece radiates. As you move about and the light changes in the room, you will see new and different highlights of color.

I welcome and I am accustomed to working with clients individually and always carefully consider their specific questions and creative ideas. Feel free to contact me at:910.262.6020

I encourage you to shop in your local area for my work. Please inquire with the form below or email me at hanes@bluewatercopperworks.com to find out if I am represented in your area. If you do not live in an area where I am represented, I will be happy to discuss your interests.

Bluewater Copper Works ships worldwide and usually a custom made piece can be delivered within 5-8 weeks. Please allow longer during holiday periods. A commission begins when a 50% deposit is paid and a signed copy of the commission agreement is received.

Please call 910.262.6020, email or fill out the form below for pricing and more information.