Artist & Craft Profile

Creations from Bluewater Copper Works are individually hand-crafted from solid copper by R. Hanes Hoffman Jr. I use a variety of hand tools to achieve authentic detail of species. Works are then painted with flame to produce beautiful markings and iridescent colors. Each piece is then finished with a clear coating to deter oxidation. This work is three-dimensional, one-sided, bas-relief sculpture. Each piece is fitted with a hanger on the reverse, ready to hang on a hook. This art is functional for outdoor as well as indoor use.

A life’s fascination with the beauty of fish and other wildlife led me to choose copper as the medium best suited for sculpting my creations. I feel that the ”friendliness” of this metal is so attractive to work with and it lends it’s qualities to realism.

I work in a variety of scale and proportion, from small wall-mounted sculptures to large scenic wall installations. I also make several standard designs of beautiful fish trophies for tournaments. Or I can create a one of a kind “habitat” trophy for a specialty award.

I use my fishing time, not only as rest and relaxation, but also as research and development. I am constantly examining and photographing each species I encounter. In my work I strive to depict each species realistically, but with an artists eye for color and attention to detail.

R. Hanes Hoffman Jr. is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who lives and works in Western, North Carolina. An avid fisherman, naturalist and world traveler, I take pride in capturing the essence of each species of wildlife depicted in my sculptures.  My work is both interpretive and realistic.  My sculptures can be seen in fine gift shops and galleries in many parts of the country and are included in private collections worldwide. Each piece is unique, signed and dated by the artist with a good luck penny behind the eye, which is my unique signature touch.